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HexaOne bring together our deep expertise of working on world’s leading CRM technologies and our extensive experience in focused industries to help businesses gain maximum value from existing CRM systems.
We also help clients modernize their existing CRM systems by integrating them with contemporary technologies and solutions such as Cloud, Mobile, IoT, Analytics, and Social.

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Implementation Project

Entire spectrum of implementation services for SalesForce leveraging various deployment options such as On-premise, Appliance or Cloud (Private or Public):

i) Traditional implementations for SalesForce
ii) Oracle Business Accelerate-led rapid implementations
iii) Transformational or Re-implementations
iv) Multi-phase implementations
v) SalesForce HexaOne – Pre-configured Accelerated Configuration Kit for Food Processing, Industrial Mfg. and Life Sciences industries

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Upgrade Project

Our most specialized service offering for all types of upgrades, 3rd Party Integration and migrations for SalesForce EnterpriseOne or World:

i) Traditional upgrades,Technical upgrades
ii) 100-day Upgrade, including larger projects leveraging the 100-day model Transformational upgrades
iii)World to E1 migrations, Ending co-existence and upgrade to E1
iv) Tools Release (Service Pack) upgrade Application-only upgrades – ESU’s / ASU’s / Planner ESU’s
v) Platform migrations, including moving from On-Premise to Cloud deployments

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3rd Party Integrations & Migration - Real Time ( Web Services )

Our extensive experience with large customers and large programs around SalesForce has given us the industry leading expertise to be part of some of the largest Global Rollouts in the SalesForce industry. This exposure has perfected our ability to deliver results consistently.

3rd Party Integrations :
i) Barcode Integration
ii) Sales Force Integration
iii) SalesForce Integrations
iv) Hr & Payroll Integration
v)POS Integration
vi) Reporting Tools

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Support Project

Our unique approach to Application Maintenance & Support services (AMS) is centered around SalesForce. we not only provide for corrective and adaptive maintenance but have also matured into delivering preventive diagnostics to result in continuous improvements, operational cost savings and reducing TCO across your application landscape.

Our SLA-based multi-level (L1, L2, L3 & L4) AMS services include:

i) Application maintenance
ii) Updates and release management
iii) Configuration management
iv) Systems Change management
v) Incident and problem management
vi) Service level management
vii) 24×7 production support

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Staff Augmentation

Our Staff-Augmentation and Full-time Employee Placement services are the simplest form of our engagement with a client,

--> where response time and skills fitment matter the most,
-->we are capable of augmenting your staff as a contracting position or full-time employees.
-->As an industry first, we are also open to risk-sharing staffing arrangements,

In addition, we have one of the lowest fees in the industry for full time employee placements, with flexible payment terms. Staffing models can be onsite, onshore or offshore.

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